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  Welcome to Hip Stitches, the "hip" place to meet others who share the same interest in sewing as you do! This site allows you to find ideas for your creations and share your ideas with others. Sewing has lost the stigma of being uncool, and this site is proof!  

lady sewing

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pink dress

This page includes patterns, ideas, and tips for sewing all types of clothing from dresses to pajamas. There are tuturials and designs for girls, boys, men, and women. You'll find something for all ages!



Patterns, designs, fabrics, whatever your interests are, post here and check back often to find out what new ideas have shown up! Currently featuring rag quilts, baby blankets, and full-size quilts. Soon to feature other types of blankets as well, such as crochet, and knit.

rag quilt


Everything you need to know to make your own handbags or monogram one you already have! This is also the place to post ideas about other items (shoes, headbands, etc.)

play with dolls


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