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rag quilt, yellow

Easy Rag Quilt Tutorial

I absolutely love doing these! They are so easy and they do not need to be perfect. This is a great beginner's project. For a baby rag quilt you will need: a total of 2 yards of fabric, if you want to use batting, you will need about one yard. You can use flannel or any domestic fabric. You can use old flannel shirts, dresses, sheets...anything! Choose any amount of colors you'd like, you can even just use one color!

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rag quilt

Flannel Rag Quilt

My mother-in-law is a phenomenal quilter and one day she whipped up a beautiful rag quilt for us (she can make a rag quilt in her sleep). It's made of flannel and gets softer and more loved with time. It is also just about the simplest quilt you can make - which is a perfect project for me to try! I like to make them as gifts for children or babies because they are warm and soft. Plus, today's flannels come in so many fun colors and patterns.

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Baby Block Quilt

I did a little research and came across this great tutorial on how to make a crib size quilt. There are tons of photos and detailed directions for each step. She goes over how to do the pinwheel square, adding a border, options for quilting and how to bind your quilt. I love how thorough and easy to follow her directions are. Also, I am loving the blog, My Happy Little Life. There is a great tutorial for making a simple block baby quilt.

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baby quilt

Chenille Backed Baby Blanket

This is a great first project for the begining sewer, and makes a great baby gift.  1. You need to start off with 1 piece of chenille cut 36″x36″ and 1 piece of cotton or flannel cut to 36″x36″.  For this tutorial, my chenille is actually 2 colors of chenille sewn together and cut to the correct size. 2. Line up the pieces, RIGHT sides together and pin to secure around the outside.  Sew with a 1/2″ seam around the entire outside of the square, leaving an 8″ hole in the middle of a side for turning.

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chenille blanket
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frog quilt

Harlequin Frogs Free Environmentally Friendly Quilt

This environmentally friendly quilt pattern is available to everyone! Earlier this year I heard another alarming news story about the current climate changes that are affecting us all.The South American Harlequin Frogs are dying out rapidly due to a mixture of fungus and global warming*. Scientists estimate 67% of these beautiful jewels, who never use fossil fuels, have disappeared. This is something that should concern us being that they’re an indicator species ~ particularly sensitive animals that are the first to die when climate goes awry. As a way of encouragement i'm offering this Harlequin Frogs quilt pattern as a thank you for trying.


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memory quilt

Treasured Memories Photo Quilt

When selecting fabrics, note that non-directional fabrics work best: 3-1/2 yards (main) fabric for quilt back, wide outer border and quilt blocks (Fabric A); 1-1/2 yards fabric B (inner border, binding and quilt blocks); ½ yard each of three other complimentary fabrics (Fabrics C, D and E); 12 Sheets June Tailor Colorfast Printer Fabric Sheets; Thread to match. Optional items: 1/3 yard sheer fabric for overlays on text if desired; 1 skein embroidery floss to compliment quilt colors
matching ribbons, charms, buttons, metal frames and metal washers, wire words.

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