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Gracie Bicycle Caricature Animal Planet
Gracie's Boutique is a wonderful shop in downtown Statesville. This is the "fun" part of the site! It is a point and click page. See ehat you can find.
This is another class assignment - animation set to music. I loved the song before this...
This was my first assignment for my Flash class. This is my son, Brody, pitching at one of is games. It was fun turning him into a cartoon.
A short commercial spot for Animal Planet - done for class, although I am sure that Animal Planet will be calling me anyday!
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Animated Logo Hidden Pictures Glow Effect Color Mask
An animated logo. I used a version of this on my site, but this was the original. It was a learning experience, and animating a logo definitely adds some "flashiness" to your site.
A fun little game from the Highlights magazine. A little interactivity goes a long way to getting people to stay on your site and play.

A simple glow effect. Can be used for rollover effects or just to draw attention to a certain part of your site.

This is a simple example of a color mask. It can be very effective in gaining a viewer's attention.
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Lion Slideshow Money  
A little project I did for my kids - just a fun little animation set to music.
A new twist on the slideshow. Again, I used the amazing photography of Florin Ritter. You can visit his official site here.
Yet another school project. This one is explaining a global issue. I chose the financial downfall of America. OK, it wasn't that serious.
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