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General Information

Colorado National MonumentColorado is home to some of the more beautiful scenery and interesting historic sites in the country. An abundance of activities and unique events are available year-round.

Some of the more popular of these activities is camping, climbing, hiking, bird watching, nature walks, and canoeing. Another activity is wildlife viewing, especially popular in Rocky Mountain National Park. The large animal population includes elk, bighorn sheep, mule deer, and moose.Bent's Old Fort The park also contains many smaller animals and over 280 recorded bird species. The federally endangered boreal toad also inhabits this area.

Some of the sites offer special events and attractions throughout the year. Bent's Old Fort, for example, hosts a traditional holiday celebration in December; and the Colorado National Monument hosts evening campfire programs during the summer months.

Colorado's parks and monuments are open year round, but some areas of many of the parks are closed during the winter months. Entrance fees and camping fees vary by park and monument.



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